Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Haven Part 9

July 7, 2004

We have half of the windmills up but only two of them are working, the rest aren’t fully wired yet. We planned to have a farm with twenty-five windmills but we reduced it to twenty due to space and material restrictions. Vince and his guys are remarkably adept at this work and they learned how to put these together quite quickly. Vince and his men have been working almost non-stop over the past few months and their work shows it. They have finished the library, the utilities room, the storage and indoor training facility, the medical area, the operating room, the medical storage area, the labs and offices and the miscellaneous storage area. And they are almost finished with the kitchen and small food storage area. At the rate they’re going, they will be done by the beginning of November, earlier than expected, and we all get to go home sooner. Everyone in California has been improving with their general fitness and weapon skills, almost everyone is a half decent shot now, and Hank has high hopes for us. I have to fix the water filtration system, one of Andrew’s men accidentally dropped a rather large rock on it, and now it’s making funny noises and spewing some brown liquid. I have a feeling that until November I will be too busy to write much but I will try to make time, there still is a lot of work to do if we want this place ready for the wedding. Yes we decided to have the wedding here, in the entrance hall with just our small group. The wedding will be on December 12th this year and everyone is looking forward to it. I am actually going to take a week off to go down to see my fiancée at the beginning of August, but to do that, I have to work very hard until then.

Only a short one today. Happy Holidays to all, I'll write more after Christmas.
Happy Readings,

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