Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Haven Part 10

September 3, 2004

I have the solar-wind farm up and running, quite efficiently I might add, the water filtration system is working at one hundred percent capacity and the air circulator is up and running in almost every proposed room. I have done my job well so far but I have to stay here until the job is completely done. The rooms are coming along nicely, there are just a few of the living places to be finished then all of the tunnels have to be drilled. Vince sent his men home at the end of July; we had no more use for them so we decided, the less crowding, the better. I went down to Lompoc for a week mid-August and spent most of the time with my fiancĂ©e. She and I are both quite excited for the wedding, her especially because she has only seen plans of “The Haven”, she’s never seen the real thing, neither has anyone except Hank, Vince, Rachel, Andrew and me. Hank came up last week to see where all his money was going and he was quite impressed by the progress from the simple cave system he found years before. The wedding planning is being done mostly by Angela, she and Andrea have become very close in the past few months, we all have become closer because we are in a situation that we all have to deal with together and being close to each other is a good way to improve our chances of survival. I have to fix a problem with the air circulator, apparently one of Andrew’s men didn’t know what the tube to the room was so he covered it in cement, now Andrew and I have to go find where it is and uncover it. Summer apparently found out something about government testing being done on captured zombies, they are trying to weaponize them, but they don’t realize that they’re a threat to everyone, including them. I fear that it will be the American government that will accidentally cause Z-Day and lead to the apocalypse. I probably won’t have much time to write until after the wedding, and even then, I might have other things to do. I just hope the government has some basic idea of how to keep those undead terrors from getting out into the wild.

Sorry for the long wait, I have been quite busy and I honestly forgot about the blog, I hope you all enjoy as Marcus is getting closer and closer to Z-Day.
Happy Readings,

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