Monday, 7 November 2011

A bit about me and my stories

I'm in my first year at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering (great idea starting a blog right when work starts to pile on, good job Sam). I'm not the most creative person, you'll find that a lot of my stories tend to have similar characters because I often base my characters off of my friends. Being the narcissist that I am, often the main characters are based off me and often have greatly exaggerated traits. In "The Haven" the main character, Marcus, has some similarities to me (interests and whatnot). My other characters are often based off my friends, some exaggerated a lot but sometimes they themselves are enough. Along with my main story "The Haven" I'll sometimes post other things I've written; side stories, character descriptions, things completely unrelated. I've actually finished writing "The Haven" and I've got a few other projects on the go. I've got a few obsessions, some of which might pop up in my writing, some which might already have. I'm quite the fan of zombie fiction (zombie non-fiction on the other hand...) so most of my stuff is zombie related (pretty much all). Everything I post will be up around my school schedule so when the exams start my posts will be much less frequent, my apologies. Anyway, I'll answer any questions posed (except the ludicrous ones) but I've got to be going to my classes now.

Happy Readings,

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