Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Haven Part 8

May 13, 2004

I asked Andrea to marry me while I was in Lompoc and she said yes, we are going to have the wedding close to Christmas time so we can celebrate the wedding and the completion of “The Haven” at the same time. I’ve finished the air circulation system and Vince and his friends are helping me install it tomorrow. Andrew and his guys have finished hollowing out the library and are going to pour the cement floor on the 16th. While I was in California, we took a vote on who should be the leader, there were rules to the vote, the leader had to have at least a fifty-one percent majority and no one could be nominated, everyone was eligible and no one could vote for themself. We all considered the leadership to be more of a burden than a reward because all of the blame would land squarely on the one person’s shoulders. The last rule was the person elected was stuck, they couldn't back down and we would have elections ever year. I was elected to be leader by a ten to one vote. I had voted for Eric. With my new responsibility I started getting people ready, we started training. Andrea designed programs specifically for each of us, to help work on our respective weakest areas. I also started getting people weapon ready, we took trips to a firing range to see who had skill and who needed help. Hank was in charge of getting people battle-ready because he had the most military training. Hank was the best with the guns but I was told that I had natural skills, I guess all of those hours playing Duck Hunt served me well. Eric also had talent, probably because he was sitting at the NES right beside me playing Duck Hunt too. The rest of them (who were there, Rachel, Vince and Andrew were absent for obvious reasons) were pretty bad, so Hank started training them and giving them tips. I started working on the wind/solar farm design and I’ll probably have one working by mid-June, I’ll get Vince and his crew to help me build them so we can get them up faster. I have a feeling that until “The Haven” is done, life will be rather monotonous.

I think I'm settling into a nice calm schedule of 2-3 updates per week. I think that my original schedule of daily updates was overly ambitious.
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