Monday, 7 November 2011

The Haven Part 1

February 17, 2004

I have had my worst fears confirmed. The dead do indeed walk and they yearn for our flesh. I just finished the book. It was a small brown paperback with only a title, no author, I think it was privately published because inside the cover there was an odd mark and a “7 of 50” so I assume that there were only fifty copies made. The title was “The Secrets of the Dead” and I picked it up for a few bucks at a used bookstore I know of. I hope that the other people who have copies of this book do what it said. After reading the book I started doing research like it said to do, and my fears are confirmed. The government is hiding things from us. Most of the serial killings have been where the killers have gotten wise to the threat and tried to eliminate it. Those who do what should be done are often blamed for just being there. After reading the book I have started to track these events and they are becoming more and more frequent, not just here in California, nor the United States, but in the whole world. The rate at which these incidents were appearing was increasing at a rate so huge I knew that the only possibility is that there would be a critical point at which there would be a global catastrophe and the infection would become a pandemic, the pandemic would become a war between the living and the dead and then the war would become an apocalypse. I care deeply for my friends and family and I want them to survive so I am going to try to convince them that I’m not crazy and that this book tells the truth. I will do whatever it takes to get them to believe. I will save their lives, no matter what I have to do. I am going to get them to read the book, no matter how long it takes, or how crazy I will sound, I know what I am doing will save their lives, so I must do it.

The first people I’ll try to convince will be Andrea Brooks and Eric Malkov. Andrea is my girlfriend, she works at Newhart Gym as a personal trainer and she is quite good at what she does. She always knows what to say to me to make me smile and we are perfect together. We finish each other’s sentences, and we like and hate all of the same things. She is about five feet six inches, and in incredible shape thanks to her job.

Eric is my best friend; we’ve known each other since we were in grade three and we’ve always been close. Eric is a doctor and he’s one of the best at his hospital. He is an outdoorsy person and he and I often go camping, he has gotten quite good at coming up with quick fixes for injuries out of things he finds outdoors. He and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, and often disagree about things but we’ve always trusted each other.

I’m going to try to convince Eric first then get him to help with convincing Andrea because he trusts me completely and I think it’ll be a bit easier to convince him then it will be to convince Andrea.

I wrote this story a while ago for a project and I'm re-writing it and extending it. I hope you enjoy, I'll add parts either daily or every few days. I may also interrupt with other stories I have on the go.

Happy Reading,

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