Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Haven Part 7

April 7, 2004

They poured the floor of the entrance hall five days ago and they say we can walk on it today. Andrew and his men decided to pour the concrete and take food, water and sleeping bags with them and work while the cement was drying. They have been working at a ridiculous pace. I did a few rough calculations and if they maintain the rate at which they’re working now, they’ll have the rooms hollowed out, cemented and connected by late November this year. I have started to learn a bit about the mining and Andrew is being quite patient with me. I’m going back to California for a few weeks to visit Andrea and everyone else, but then I’ll come back and stay until November. I want to get “The Haven” done as soon as possible. I also realized that after it is finished being mined out and cemented, we still have to make it breathable. I have to get the air circulator made and working before the miners go too deep into the caves because if I don’t they might not be able to breathe in the farther back rooms. I’m going to put off the air circulator until after I get back from California because the miners won’t get that far into the mines in two weeks, they are still working on the kitchen and library. When I go home to Lompoc, I’m going to get everyone together to decide who gets what room and how things should be organized. I think we should have a vote for a leader because a group can be indecisive but a leader must make up his or her mind and their decision would be final. My flight for California leaves on the 10th so I have much to prepare before I leave. I want to have the plan for the air circulation system finished before I leave so I can have people check it over when I get home. I can’t wait to see everyone back home; I worry about them all the time. Our next order of business after the caves is weapons, Jeffrey tells me that he has started getting our group gun licenses and we will assess skill while I’m back. We need to find out who needs the most help with learning because we have to be able to keep ourselves safe but keeping ourselves safe requires keeping the rest of our group safe, and we need to work on that. We want a versatile arsenal, for example a few people specializing in sharpshooting, a few in hand-to-hand combat, etc. I hope we are working fast enough and I hope what the government thought was somewhat true, if Z-Day hits sooner than 2008 we could be in serious trouble. When I go back to California, I’m planning on asking Andrea to marry me, I’m madly in love with her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her, even if that means keeping her safe from an undead, infected world.

Here's another part of "The Haven", it's starting to get good. I've had to start posting less frequently because of exams which are starting soon. The number of posts will start to pick up closer to the Christmas break.
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