Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Haven Part 3

April 10, 2004

We got him. Hank Davis has agreed to finance our group and be a part of it. He is currently making plans to move closer to us, to Lompoc for ease of planning and transportation of need be. He actually knew a little of the threat but not enough to act on it so when we offered information, he became immediately receptive and said “I’m in!” almost right away. He and I spent Sunday working on ideas for a permanent shelter. I’ve been working on a design for a while, but I never dreamed that I would be given access to the resources that I have now thanks to Hank’s funding. It turns out he already had a perfect spot, he owns a few acres in northern British Colombia and one of the mountains on his land has a small cave system inside. I stayed up all Sunday seeing what could be done to the caves so that we may eventually move in case of Z-Day. Andrea and I also found out over this weekend that Eric told his wife, Sarah, about the group and she is eager to join and help us all out.

Sarah Malkov is Eric Malkov’s wife and she’s a psychiatrist. She is nearly as an outdoorsy person as her husband and she is in just as good shape. She and Eric make the perfect medical team, one for the physical, one for the mental. She trusts Eric to the letter and will believe anything that he says.

We all believe that keeping family will be important through the eventually onset of Z-Day, so we agreed to get family involved next, so I will try to convince my brother, Andrew (full name Andrew Anderson, I think our parents had a sense of humour). Eric said he would convince his sister, Rachel.

Andrew Anderson, my older brother by two years, is a martial artist and a good one at that, he’s won a bunch of competitions and is amazing at what he does. It is some type of grappling art that I won’t give the dishonour of misspelling, so I won’t even try here. He is a much less caring person then I am but for his close friends, he will do anything. He is a bit shorter than me at about five foot nine, but he is in much better shape. I truly hope that I can convince him because he would be an amazing asset to our group and because he is my brother and I really hope I can help him survive.

Rachel Malkov is Eric’s sister; she’s an architect and a damn good one at that. I hope that she joins our group so she can help Hank and I with the caves in B.C. She would be a huge help because we need the fortress to be both strong and aesthetically pleasing because if Z-Day came, we would be staying there for many years. She is kind of short at five foot two but she makes up for it with her always charismatic attitude. She has a way of making people smile even in the worst of times, and that will be helpful in the future we are preparing for.

Ok, one day into my pre-planned schedule and it's already gone, I didn't have time to write anything new si here's the next installment of "The Haven".

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