Friday, 11 November 2011

The Haven Part 4

April 24, 2004

My brother still won’t speak to me after what I told him. He thought that I was playing some joke on him and after I kept pushing him to read the book he snapped and yelled at me to leave him alone. That was a week ago. I will try to talk to him again and to explain why he should read the book or at least listen to what I have to say, but I have my doubts. I hope he does listen but if he doesn’t I won’t be surprised. Rachel on the other hand was quite willing to listen and she now trusts us completely. To begin preparations, I have quit my job and am now employed by Hank Davis. Rachel and I are heading up to Hank’s land in British Columbia to start work on the caves. We’re going to leave on March 3rd and we’ll probably be there for a week. I want to have a plausible design completed by the end of March so we can get this shelter built and functional as soon as possible. Andrew is a miner so his help with the fortress would be amazing because he would be able to help immensely with the carving out of the caves. I’ll try to talk to him again soon and we have already bought a ticket for him to go to B.C. with me and Rachel just in case he has a change of heart. Our group now has six people in it, seven if we can convince Andrew to join. There are a few more people I want to add before I consider the team anywhere near complete. Next on the list are Summer Powell, and Hank’s wife, Angela.

Summer Powell is a computer programmer who works for Hank at his brokerage, mostly doing security and analysis but she is leagues above anyone else working there and would be a huge asset for the information possibilities. She could theoretically hack into and get information from classified sources such as the government so we can know what the real story that he government is hiding from us is, and so we have a rough estimate about how long we have to prepare. Summer isn’t the most physically imposing person I’ve ever met, she’s just a bit over five foot and she doesn’t have any muscle mass. But she does make up for her lack of physical attributes with her mental abilities.

Angela Davis is Hank Davis’ wife and a sailor. She never worked as a professional she has owned various boats with Hank. Their current boat is a sixty foot yacht and she can sail it like no one I’ve ever met. She is close to five foot ten and has just an imposing personality as her husband. Angela is a normal housewife because her husband supports them both with his stock brokerage. She spends enormous amounts of time on her boat while her husband is out of town at various work meetings.

I hope that Andrew comes around before we go to B.C. because I really need his help on the caves and I also want my brother to survive. It’s a horrible feeling knowing about a threat and working on a solution, but knowing someone who refuses to believe in the problem and refuses to be a part of the solution. If he doesn’t end up with us, I hope he does well on his own.

Ok, new idea for a schedule, I'll post a parts of "The Haven" daily or so and I'll interrupt whenever I have something else to post.

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