Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Haven Part 6

March 21, 2004

Summer did some semi-legal research into some government databases to see if they had any clue when Z-Day would arrive. The closest estimates they have are early 2008. We are hoping that we have that much time to finish the fortress; we are progressing slowly and have no clue when we are really going to be finished. On the up side, both Vince and Jeffery read my book and were welcomed into our group with open arms. Vince is up here with Andrew, Rachel and me working with my brother’s mining friends. Vince has a few acquaintances that he is going to get to join in the work effort. I’m trying to help as much as I can but I’m finding that I get in the way more than I help. I am also helping in other ways, I’ve been designing different defence and survival systems that will help keep us alive throughout any apocalypse. The work was being done as fast as possible while still keeping everyone safe. We have almost finished our escape plan for Z-Day, we will drive from our homes in Lompoc to the southern coast, and then we will sail up the western coast in Angela’s boat until we eventually get to Brown Lake, British Columbia. Brown Lake is the lake at the bottom of the mountain where we are building our haven. We have been trying to come up with names for the place and the best one we have so far is “The Haven”, it’s not my favourite choice of name but it fits better than anything anyone else could come up with. We started making lists of things we want to keep, realizing that after Z-Day, we might be some of the last humans left alive on Earth; we have started buying every book we can get our hands on from children’s stories to religious texts. Due to this revelation, we added a large library to the cave plans. The main problem with the caves, the reason the work is being done so slowly, is because there are constant safety checks and hollowing out caves is a lot harder than it seems. Stalactites are very hard to remove especially when the roof is thirty feet up and you don’t want to drop any big rocks on people working below. The living room, or entrance hall as some people have started to call it, is scheduled to have the concrete floor poured in early April so we can work from there. It is hard to judge the timescale for work for the other rooms because we don’t know where other openings may be, how much we have to remove from them or if we need to make a few caves from scratch.

Ok, everyday posting is not going to be very possible because I am a student and my studies have to come first. Every other/three days it is.
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