Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Haven Part 2

April 4, 2004

 I got them, I convinced them, they thought I was crazy for a bit but I eventually convinced them that the threat is real. Eric was relatively easy to convince, mostly because he has trusted me with his life before and getting him to read a book and do a bit of research isn’t too hard. Andrea on the other hand was quite difficult to convince. She wouldn’t read the book and she threatened to break up with me because I kept insisting that she did. She eventually read it after I told her I loved her and promised to leave her alone if she didn’t believe what it said, we’re back together now and she forgave me for what she thought was a slight psychosis. Andrea, Eric and I have decided to create a group and survive the eventual apocalypse. We decided to call this apocalypse Z-Day just because eventual apocalypse doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily. We are trying to determine when Z-Day is so we can prepare for the end. None of us is particularly rich, Eric with ridiculous med school loans, me and Andrea with our lower-middle class jobs. We decided that our group needed funding in a big way.

Our next group member hopeful is Hank Davis. Hank was close to forty-five years old when he decided to go back to school where he rented a room out to Eric. Hank ended up dropping out after a semester and going back into the military. He actually was a navy SEAL before he went back to school but left after a “disagreement” with his commanding officer over some confusing orders about questionable executions. Hank believes that everyone deserves a second chance and that if you look hard enough into someone’s life you can find a reason that they deserve to live. After he “left” the army he took what money he had and invested in a few risky stocks, because of these original risky investments, Hank is now one of the richest men in Los Angles. He doesn't really have a job but he always is willing to give financial and investment advice to those who have a free ear. He's always had what he describes as a “feeling” for what stocks are good to invest in for different people. Hank has always had an imposing personality and has been able to get the attention of any room he’s been in without any effort.

Eric, Andrea and I are planning a trip out from Lompoc (where we live) to Los Angles to go meet and hopefully get the financial support (and military knowledge) of Hank. It shouldn’t be too hard, apparently he and Eric have regular communication and Hank is a bit of a conspiracy theory fanatic, so convincing him shouldn’t be as difficult as convincing Andrea.

I just realized that I haven’t written anything about myself here, just in case someone reads this some day. Well, my name’s Marcus Anderson and I’m about five foot eleven. I will be twenty-seven as of this May. I'm a bit of an outdoorsman and I'm often out camping with friends or hanging out somewhere outdoors. I work in engineering, I'm a mechanical engineer but I also went back and took another few years so I could be a civil engineer too. I have been criticized by many people for going too far when trying to help friends out or when doing things for people. Andrea says that I can be and “over-giving” person. I think I can care too much sometimes. Anyway, we are leaving on Friday and are going to stay in Los Angles for the weekend so we can have as much time as possible to convince Hank to help us.

I think I'm going to post "The Haven" on a regular interval of every other day. I hope you enjoy this part. Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated.

Happy Readings,

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